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Mevagissey is just outside of the Roseland Peninsula and is a great place to stay and visit. Life still revolves around the harbour and Mevagissey has a strong fishing fleet that’s been around for hundreds of years. There's plenty of things to see and do and enough pubs and restaurants to keep any gastronome busy for a while!

The first recorded mention of Mevagissey dates from 1313 (when it was known as Porthhilly), although there is evidence of settlement dating back to the Bronze Age. Towards the end of the 17th century, Porthhilly merged with the hamlet of Lamoreck to make the new village. It was named after two Irish saints, St Meva and St Issey. At this time the main sources of income for the village were pilchard fishing and smuggling and the village had at least ten inns, of which the Fountain and the Ship still remain.

Mevagissey had a power station built in 1895, powered by pilchard oil, which provided electricity for the lighthouse and surrounding streets. Local sources claim that it was the first town in the country to have electric street lighting.

Despite being a small town, Mevagissey is full of old world character and charm and speaks of times of yore most perfectly. Home to the popular and spectacular Mevagissey Bay this little town has a highly rich and colorful history which goes as far back to many centuries. Though it’s known as a fishing village with  fantastic views of shops and homes nestling on the hilly area which surrounds the village it contains a myriad of delightful secrets for the travelers to explore experience and enjoy.

Stepping in to this village is like stepping back in time. The Celtic spell comes to life transporting you to a place where no modern day high tech gadgets exist while you absorb a part of a rich national history walking along the ancient harbor built in the 18th century or taking in the wonders of the town. The harbor visit should be ideally made during nigh time when it takes on a life of its own with bright lights of the tiny boats docked at harbor coupled with the sparkling stars shining overhead inviting you to a breathtaking experience. Fishing is the main trade of Mevagissey and as such a major part of the market fare and culinary delights are centered on the catchments. The shops lining up the narrow streets all have a different story of its own where visitors can browse or shop to their hearts content while listening to stories of the shop owners who will relate how their shop has been in the family for generations past.

Other sedentary activities in the locality include exploring the scenic town area, dining on a splendid fresh seafood fiesta or having a relaxing evening enjoying the live entertainment in a local pub. By way of accommodation the village has a commendable array of options ranging from cottages, cozy villas to beautiful hotels. You can select according to your budget either to be pampered in a class hotel featuring all the amenities or have a welcoming homely stay in a comfortable cottage or a mansion.  With its raw natural allure and historical value, Mevagissey is an ideal hot spot in the Cornwall where you can truly be entranced and captivated by its old world rustic charm and splendor.

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